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Your approach to choosing a data centre solution depends upon your starting point. Are you building a new data centre or upgrading an existing one? With a new data centre, you can lay out equipment exactly as you wish. With an existing data centre, you are often constrained by the current equipment, building construction, power, and other factors.

With a data centre refurbishment or build a new data centre in an existing building, you need to know the building’s structural specifications. How much weight your building can support may become a constraint on your project. With a new build project you can be in control of this specification and design out this possible constraint. Either way, in addition to this, you will need to know the equipment you expect to put in the data centre, from storage and switches to standalone servers, this equipment will shape your data centre solution.
The next step is to determine how to structure your data centre. There are numerous data centre solutions each having a specific advantages and disadvantages over one another. Depending on your constraints one of these data centre solutions will be most suitable and offer the best fit for both your computing and building needs. Livebox can assist you in determining the right design for your data centre based upon your business and IT requirements. By discussing the benefits and limitations of each design solution you, the owner operator, can decide what best matches your business needs.

Once you have determined your requirements, key drivers and constraints, a design solution can be selected. This will include a combination of power, cooling, environmental monitoring, fire and security systems and data cabling.

From a minor upgrade of power or cooling infrastructure to a complete new design and build project, planning and implementing the right data centre solutions is a complex undertaking. Utilize our proven expertise and make the process simple and successful.


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